12 steps to trigger engagement in referral

The best way to start an employee referral program in your company is to plan your activities for the first 12 months ahead. This will help you grow it gradually, keep it transparent and always adjustable.

Here are our recommendations:

Month 1 – You’ve just launched your referral program and your employees started to recommend candidates for your job openings. Reward your first 10 referrers and communicate this through your internal communication outlets. Start with small bounties and focus on spreading enthusiasm!

Month 2 - It’s time you take referrals to the next level. Encourage your recommenders to activate job auto-posts on their social media profiles and make available prizes for the first 20 employees doing so.

Month 3  – Your employees are doing a great job! You are already interviewing people they recommended. Reward everybody who recommended a candidate you decided to interview.

Month 4 - This month’s campaign should have redeemable points, which candidates can use in a forthcoming campaign. This is a perfect way to stimulate engagement and competition: people will focus on gathering points and will be interested in your future campaigns too.

Month 5 - Everybody in the company should be familiar with your referral program by now, while spreading the word about your positions in their social media networks. Rank your referrers’ activity and reward those with most shares. Focus on top 3 social recommenders.

Month 6 - Now you can start engaging groups too. Stimulate referral competition between departments and reward the one with the best results. Set a collective bounty for team members to enjoy together!

Month 7 - People are more motivated by tangible rewards than by money. Bring an appealing bounty on the company premises and allow everyone see it, touch it, test it.

Month 8 - It’s time to for a new ranking. See who brought you the best candidates in the first 8 months of your referral program and offer them a special reward. Communicate about it and offer the prize in public.

Month 9 - Looking back at all the positions you close through referral, you can tell which one you closed in the shortest time. It’s time you acknowledge the merits of all the employees who recommended candidates for it.

Month 10 - People also love experiences, which can be more motivating than cash. Set up a video projection of that exotic holiday you’re offering as a bounty. You can make it more intriguing with the help of a VR gear.

Month 11 – It’s evaluation time! Look back at your campaign and see what worked and what didn’t, gather feedback and adjust your campaign for the next 6 months.

Month 12 -  Employees are always happy to work for socially responsible companies. Add this component to your referral campaign and make a donation on behalf of your top recommenders to the cause they would like to support.

Now you’re ready to start your referral program from with a simple plan that empowers and rewards your engaged employees.

Follow these 12 steps and stay tuned! We’ll be back with a comprehensive list of non-cash bounties that will help you boost your referral program. Learn more about referral here.

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