Here’s why you need to start your referral program right now

Your employees know the right people. The people you need. They know the company culture very well and can tell if a candidate is the right fit or not. With their help, you reach more quality candidates and receive increasingly relevant applications.

This is the reason for which most companies start using referrals or set up a referral program.

According to the Talentspotting survey on efficient recruitment, 50% of companies regard referral programs as the trend in recruitment, right after the use of social media (74%), and followed by customized events (37%).

top trends in recruitment

Not convinced yet? Here are more reasons to start your own referral program right now!

1. You start recruiting socially 

When you use a referral software, you activate the power of social media recruitment, which lets you reach deep into your employees’ social and professional networks. These grant you access to an extremely wide candidate pool and offer your openings an increased visibility.

2. You strengthen your employer brand 

By using an automated referral solution, you stimulate your employees to recommend their friends for your vacancies. You’ll be doing this through bounties that reward successful hires and other actions through which your employees promote your jobs. This will increase employee engagement and will help you strengthen your employer brand.

3. You save time

Since everything is automated, you can set up campaigns with the minimal effort of a couple of clicks. You will also be able to follow the entire flow, check statuses, send reminders and move candidates in the process. This will save you time, as you’ll be closing vacancies faster.

4. You cut costs 

Referral is a top efficient recruitment channel, so you will be also cutting costs. Think of all the resources you’ve been wasting interviewing unfit candidates or try to estimate the cost of closing a key-position with a delay. With a referral solution, you can invest more in compensation and benefits or in employee engagement.

We think it’s time you make your recruitment top efficient with the help of automated referral. Ask for a demo!

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