Online testing platforms: a growing trend!

In today’s tech-hungry world there are still many companies that practice the pen & paper testing method. While most will argue that this way is less costly, the small financial gain fades away compared to the time & resources invested in this process. If you decide to go the modern way, a testing platform provides numerous benefits:

  • Saving time and personnel when grading or supervising the tests
  • The candidate is not required to come at the company’s headquarters to take the test
  • You can always go back to a test from a certain time period; this allows you to compare results from different years, check if candidates have applied twice and store the results in a safe virtual space.
  • The candidate tracking system allows you to generate business reports and build case-studies that aid you with the management process
  • The wide variety of tests that can be uploaded on a testing platform allow HR professionals to test language skills, numerical abilities, logical reasoning and even personality fit.

The world’s biggest corporations have already switched to this type of testing since their applicant pool is quite high, but medium sized and small companies can also benefit from it since building a candidate database is the basis of any growing business.

For all types of business and industries we have created a testing platform that will assist you in your recruitment process, fully customizable and with multiple HR management benefits.

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