Performance is the issue? MOOC could be the answer.

HR is about processes. After recruitment and selection you hire a profesional that fits best the job profile. Then you integrate him/she in the company. After a while you evaluate his/her performance and you expect some results. But when expectations don’t meet reality, only then you start wondering what could you have done better to ease these processes. MOOC(Massive, Open Online Courses) appears to be an interesting and valid answer. These are college-level online courses, easy to attend and some of them are offered by top schools.

As a recruiter you can access students’ resumes on some of those studying platforms. Also there are numerous possibilities: you could start assessing one’s skills on formus and teachers’ recommendation, you can evaluate how determined a person is in a particular area. A lot of the students don’t necesarily complete courses, but those how do definitely have talent and determination.

Learning and developing new skills and knowledge should be a continuos process in ones’ own motion. Most of the times the learning is initated by the employer when necessary and they are expected by employees, particularly from Gen Y. Another plus for MOOCs is that they offer the possibility of having free trainings and courses for employees.
Learning and development can be a critical step in one’s professional evolution. Find out more here.


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