Recruiters that have a chance with IT engineers

Every IT recruiter wonders from time to time where are the best software engineers when you want them the most. But there is hope, you just have to keep trying. That is what Glassdoor recommends after they surveyed around 1400 employed software engineers.
75% of software engineers admit that their most common source in finding job opportunities are recruiters, 40% hear through new media and 20% find out from their current co-workers.
The qualities that software engineers apreciate most in a recruiter are transparency about pros and cons about a company, knowledge of the candidate’s experience and not being pushy.

52% of software engineers prefer to work in a company with great culture and 51% would have an attractive product or service than a great salary. 97% of software engineers read online reviews about a company before accepting a job.

Therefore, there is an important conclusion that recruiters can draw – it is essential to build a strong employer brand so that you, current and former employees and friends can be honest about your company and still attract the most wanted candidates.



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