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12 steps to trigger engagement in referral

The best way to start an employee referral program in your company is to plan your activities for the first 12 months ahead. This will help you grow it gradually, keep it transparent and always adjustable.

Here are our recommendations:

Month 1 – You’ve just launched your referral program and your employees started to recommend candidates for your job openings. Reward your first 10 referrers and communicate this through your internal communication outlets. Start with small bounties and focus on spreading enthusiasm!

Month 2 - It’s time you take referrals to the next level. Encourage your recommenders to activate job auto-posts on their social media profiles and make available prizes for the first 20 employees doing so.

Month 3  – Your employees are doing a great job! You are already interviewing people they recommended. Reward everybody who recommended a candidate you decided to interview.

Month 4 - This month’s campaign should have redeemable points, which candidates can use in a forthcoming campaign. This is a perfect way to stimulate engagement and competition: people will focus on gathering points and will be interested in your future campaigns too.

Month 5 - Everybody in the company should be familiar with your referral program by now, while spreading the word about your positions in their social media networks. Rank your referrers’ activity and reward those with most shares. Focus on top 3 social recommenders.

Month 6 - Now you can start engaging groups too. Stimulate referral competition between departments and reward the one with the best results. Set a collective bounty for team members to enjoy together!

Month 7 - People are more motivated by tangible rewards than by money. Bring an appealing bounty on the company premises and allow everyone see it, touch it, test it.

Month 8 - It’s time to for a new ranking. See who brought you the best candidates in the first 8 months of your referral program and offer them a special reward. Communicate about it and offer the prize in public.

Month 9 - Looking back at all the positions you close through referral, you can tell which one you closed in the shortest time. It’s time you acknowledge the merits of all the employees who recommended candidates for it.

Month 10 - People also love experiences, which can be more motivating than cash. Set up a video projection of that exotic holiday you’re offering as a bounty. You can make it more intriguing with the help of a VR gear.

Month 11 – It’s evaluation time! Look back at your campaign and see what worked and what didn’t, gather feedback and adjust your campaign for the next 6 months.

Month 12 -  Employees are always happy to work for socially responsible companies. Add this component to your referral campaign and make a donation on behalf of your top recommenders to the cause they would like to support.

Now you’re ready to start your referral program from with a simple plan that empowers and rewards your engaged employees.

Follow these 12 steps and stay tuned! We’ll be back with a comprehensive list of non-cash bounties that will help you boost your referral program. Learn more about referral here.

12 months engagement


Here’s why you need to start your referral program right now

Your employees know the right people. The people you need. They know the company culture very well and can tell if a candidate is the right fit or not. With their help, you reach more quality candidates and receive increasingly relevant applications.

This is the reason for which most companies start using referrals or set up a referral program.

According to the Talentspotting survey on efficient recruitment, 50% of companies regard referral programs as the trend in recruitment, right after the use of social media (74%), and followed by customized events (37%).

top trends in recruitment

Not convinced yet? Here are more reasons to start your own referral program right now!

1. You start recruiting socially 

When you use a referral software, you activate the power of social media recruitment, which lets you reach deep into your employees’ social and professional networks. These grant you access to an extremely wide candidate pool and offer your openings an increased visibility.

2. You strengthen your employer brand 

By using an automated referral solution, you stimulate your employees to recommend their friends for your vacancies. You’ll be doing this through bounties that reward successful hires and other actions through which your employees promote your jobs. This will increase employee engagement and will help you strengthen your employer brand.

3. You save time

Since everything is automated, you can set up campaigns with the minimal effort of a couple of clicks. You will also be able to follow the entire flow, check statuses, send reminders and move candidates in the process. This will save you time, as you’ll be closing vacancies faster.

4. You cut costs 

Referral is a top efficient recruitment channel, so you will be also cutting costs. Think of all the resources you’ve been wasting interviewing unfit candidates or try to estimate the cost of closing a key-position with a delay. With a referral solution, you can invest more in compensation and benefits or in employee engagement.

We think it’s time you make your recruitment top efficient with the help of automated referral. Ask for a demo!


Use referral recruitment to hire faster!

If you are not 100% satisfied with your recruitment results, you are most likely dealing with delays in the process, regardless of industry and the seniority level of your vacancies.

At least this is what a recent study on efficient recruitment reveals, identifying top delays in recruitment for specialist positions, with 10% of vacancies reported by respondents as still open or closed with a delay.

With specialist positions that are difficult to fill from various reasons  –  including the difficulty to find quality candidates and to reach a large enough pool of candidates, next to low interview show-up rates  –  companies risk to seriously damage their business.

So here’s why slow recruitment is bad for your business:

Poorer business results. The longer your positions remain unfilled, the more your revenue and productivity are affected. Just imagine the daily business impact of a sales position that remains unfilled for months.

Higher pressure on your staff. Hiring lags will keep your existing teams busier, which can lead to work exhaustion, decreased motivation and disengagement.

Extra recruitment costs. These can arise from investing too much time in interviewing too many unsuitable candidates, keeping recruiters and managers busy in a dead-end process.

Overloaded managers. Hiring delays for specialist positions will also increase your managers’ workload and diminish their focus on strategic tasks. This will keep them away from what they should actually do.


In order to win the always increasing competition for talent, companies need to refine their recruiting methods and act strategically. If you recognize your employer experience in any of the above, it’s time to hire faster!

You can do so by using an automated referral system, which will allow you to focus on your employees’ social and professional networks, where you can reach more quality candidates. They are the people you need, who will help you close your positions faster, with no headaches.


Most used KPIs in recruitment

The average closing time for vacancies in companies is an important recruitment department KPI for almost 70% of the organisations who participated to Talentspottings’ survey on efficient recruitment.

Quality of hire follows, according to 60% of the respondents, and manager satisfaction, measured after 3 or more months from hire start. The latter emerges as a top KPI for 45% of the companies.

In turn, churn or attrition rates are used as a KPI for the recruitment departments of 36% of respondent organisations, while costs are considered by 17% of the participants.

For more insights on efficient recruitment, download the complete report.



IT Salaries Romania

Find out how you can pay competitive salaries and attract IT talent easier.

Salary issues are reported by 48.33% of companies as a second challenge in IT recruitment, right after identifying quality candidates (61.67%). [Talentspotting Survey, 2016]

Grab your IT salary report to build competitive salary structures and get an edge in attracting IT talent.

IT Salaries Romania


Practici si tendinte in recrutare – rezultatele studiului “Recruteaza eficient”

Brainspotting a incheiat studiul “Recruteaza eficient”, derulat la inceputul acestui an pe piata din Romania cu scopul de a identifica practicile si tendintele in domeniu, alaturi de provocarile intalnite cel mai des de catre angajatori.

Cercetarea arata ca una din zece companii inchide pozitii cu intarziere si ca majoritatea organizatiilor (62%) se confrunta cu problema identificarii de candidati de calitate. Urmeaza asteptarile salariale in neconcordanta cu experienta candidatilor (39%) si competitia stransa pentru talent (32%).

De asemenea, studiul arata ca expertii IT Software (58%) si IT Hardware (21%), inginerii (19%) si specialistii in vanzari (18%) se afla printre profilurile cel mai greu de recrutat.

Descarcati raportul complet, pentru mai multe informatii privind piata recrutarii, inclusiv canalele de recrutare folosite de organizatiile cu cele mai bune rezultate.


Cum arata recrutarea eficienta? Studiu

Brainspotting continua campania recruteazaefient.ro, cu un studiu adresat companiilor interesate sa creasca eficienta departamentelor de recrutare.

Chestionarul poate fi completat aici, iar dupa centralizarea datelor veti primi raportul gratuit, pentru a vedea unde va pozitionati in piata.

Cateva rezultate partiale:

  • 74% dintre firme se asteapta ca retelele sociale si profesioanle sa fie folosite tot mai mult in recrutarea de profesionisti
  • 54% dintre companii anticipeaza adoptarea programelor de referral
  • 72% cred ca recrutarea va deveni din ce in ce mai grea

Completarea chestionarului dureaza in medie 5 minute, iar raspunsurile sunt confidentiale.


Cat de eficient recrutezi? Afla cum te pozitionezi

Brainspotting lanseaza campania recruteazaeficient.ro pentru a ajuta companiile sa gasească solutii de crestere a eficientei departamentelor de resurse umane.

Stiti care este timpul mediu de recrutare pentru o pozitie in compania dvs.?
Cum masurati eficienta campaniilor de promovare a posturilor vacante?
Si stiti cum va pozitionati in industrie in functie de cei mai importanti KPI de recrutare?
Aflati unde se pozitioneaza compania dvs. in piata in privinta recrutarii eficiente completand chestionarul nostru.

Dupa centralizarea datelor, pana la 1 martie 2016, veti primi raportul gratuit prin email.

Completati chestionarul aici!

recruteazaeficient.ro este o initiativa a Brainspotting si reuneste o serie de initiative care au ca objectiv eficientizarea proceselor de recrutare – de exemplu, Brainschool, TalentSpotting.


Salarii IT Romania

Care sunt cel mai bine platite tehnologii in Romania si cum poti atrage candidati pentru joburile in IT? Cateva insight-uri din survey-ul salarial organizat de Brainspotting in perioada septembrie-noiembrie cu 4,700 de respondenti.

Eng: http://tinyurl.com/pyh3l7f

RO: http://tinyurl.com/nq3b7zy


Online testing platforms: a growing trend!

In today’s tech-hungry world there are still many companies that practice the pen & paper testing method. While most will argue that this way is less costly, the small financial gain fades away compared to the time & resources invested in this process. If you decide to go the modern way, a testing platform provides numerous benefits:

  • Saving time and personnel when grading or supervising the tests
  • The candidate is not required to come at the company’s headquarters to take the test
  • You can always go back to a test from a certain time period; this allows you to compare results from different years, check if candidates have applied twice and store the results in a safe virtual space.
  • The candidate tracking system allows you to generate business reports and build case-studies that aid you with the management process
  • The wide variety of tests that can be uploaded on a testing platform allow HR professionals to test language skills, numerical abilities, logical reasoning and even personality fit.

The world’s biggest corporations have already switched to this type of testing since their applicant pool is quite high, but medium sized and small companies can also benefit from it since building a candidate database is the basis of any growing business.

For all types of business and industries we have created a testing platform that will assist you in your recruitment process, fully customizable and with multiple HR management benefits.



Survey-ul Cei mai doriti angajatori 2014 – IT

Pentru a construi strategii de employer branding si de recrutare eficiente, ai nevoie de informatii concrete despre perceptiile si comportamentul targetului tau. Este vital sa stii si cum este perceputa compania vs. competitie. Tocmai de aceea partenerii nostri, Catalyst Consulting, au initiat in urma cu 9 ani survey-ul anual Cei mai doriti angajatori / Most Desired Employers, care masoara gradul de atractivitate a brand-urilor de angajatori si asteptarile pe care tinerii le au de la acestia. Continue reading


Most desired employers of 2014

The « Most desired employers » report developed by Brainspotting HR consulting division is celebrating its 9th edition. We had 14.800 respondents from across the country, professionals with higher education & students, and the data was collected through an online questionnaire during February and March 2014.

The report is the most comprehensive tool on the market measuring the degree of appeal employer brands have and the expectations young people have from them. The study reveals candidates’ perception in regard to the employers on the Romanian market, as well as other insights about candidates such as: relocation availability, financial expectations, means through which they acquire information about employers. This way, employers have access to the required information to better understand the state of the market and to develop employer branding strategies.

The most desired employers  in 2014 are Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Continental, IBM, OMV Petrom, P&G, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Orange, Renault Romania, BCR, HP, Emerson, BRD – Groupe Société Générale, Unilever, KPMG, Hella, Deloitte, Bosch. Continue reading


Cei mai doriti angajatori in anul 2014

Studiul “Cei mai doriti angajatori” dezvoltat de divizia de consultanta Brainspotting a ajuns la cea de-a  9-a editie. Este cel mai cuprinzator instrument de pe piata care masoara gradul de atractivitate a brand-urilor de angajatori si asteptarile pe care tinerii le au de la acestia.

Primele patru pozitii din topul celor mai doriti angajatori, ocupate de Oracle, Google Microsoft si Continental, sunt stabile fata de 2013. Companiile din afara Bucurestiului isi consolideaza prezenta in top 20 (Continental isi mentine pozitia in top 5, Hella a intrat pentru prima data in top 20 national, Emerson a urcat doua locuri). Angajatorii din FMCG & automotive urca in topul preferintelor profesionistilor si studentilor (Coca-Cola si P&G avanseaza 2 locuri, Unilever apare pentru prima data in top 20, iar Renault creste 3 locuri). Continue reading


How to create the best employer branding strategy for 2014

Simple, to-the-point and easy to apply! These are the things HR leaders need to keep in mind when drafting their branding strategy for 2014. As we advance deeper in the digital era old-school resumes get replaced by LinkedIn profiles, mobile apps make it easier for candidates to apply and Facebook/Twitter is the battlefield where companies advertise their opportunities. For more info check out the article:



And the winners are…

ERE Awards si HR ClubERE Recruiting Excellence Awards is an event that offers public recognition for the best ideas, use of practices, best implementation of programs in recruiting management. Follow this link to see the winners in 2014. The judges for this Awards assessed succesfully working programs like: Continue reading


Performance is the issue? MOOC could be the answer.

HR is about processes. After recruitment and selection you hire a profesional that fits best the job profile. Then you integrate him/she in the company. After a while you evaluate his/her performance and you expect some results. But when expectations don’t meet reality, only then you start wondering what could you have done better to ease these processes. MOOC(Massive, Open Online Courses) appears to be an interesting and valid answer. These are college-level online courses, easy to attend and some of them are offered by top schools. Continue reading


2014 – Office market report

With the development and expansion of the IT, Telecom and Services sectors the need for office space has become more and more urgent. Competitive salaries, educated workforce and good operational costs are the main attractions for companies looking for new ventures on the Romanian market. The report offers a comprehensive overview of the main cities that harbor important office space, major companies operating there and also future demand for space. For more info check out the full report:



Romania proves once again that we can do some serious math!

The Romanian team won first place at the international mathematics olympiad, and a second trophy for the “absolute first place” given to Curca Eduard Valentin for the most original answer to an exercise. Facing 99 other students from various countries the team was under pressure in a 5 hour written examination. This is a great success and shows once more that Romania is harboring immense talent when it comes to numerical knowledge, paving a pretty bright future for these young mathematicians!



Oportunitati, trenduri si provocari in recrutare in 2014

Daca esti in caruselul HR, pune-ti ochelarii de aviator caci 2014 devine un montagnerouse al inovatiei si employer branding-ului. Dr. John Sullivan, liderul in HR din Silicon Valley, a analizat trendurile in recrutare pentru anul acesta. Fiecare profesionist in HR ar trebui sa le aiba in vedere pentru a putea anticipa si pentru a se adapta pietei, asa ca vi le prezentam si noi mai jos. Continue reading


Most Desired Employers in Romania

Each spring our partners from Catalyst Consulting organize the Most Desired Employers survey, the most complex instrument in Romania that assesses the perceptions and expectations of Gen Y-ers and provides an objective measure of the attractiveness of employer brands.

How do Romanian Gen Y-ers behave on the labour market? What employers do they prefer? What makes them tick? How can companies create meaningful employer branding, communication and recruitment marketing campaigns?

The Most Desired Employers in 2013, Romania have been Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Continental, OMV Petrom, IBM, BCR, Orange, P&G, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, BRD, HP, Renault Romania, PwC, Emerson, KPMG, Deloitte, Bosch, ING Bank. Continue reading


Ne extindem echipa

Incepem 2014 in forta. Ne cautam colegi / colege pentru doua pozitii noi:

- HR Consultant, care va fi implicat in proiecte de evaluare a potentialului pietei fortei de munca din Romania, studii salariale, proiecte de employer branding etc. (anuntul aici)

- Sales Consultant pentru serviciile noastre de recrutare IT si consultanta HR (anuntul aici)

Daca esti interesat(a) sau daca vrei sa povestim mai multe, astept un CV pe anca.puiu@brainspotting.ro.


Programe de master in Resurse Umane din Europa

Va prezentam o lista cu 113 programe de master in Resurse Umane din mai multe tari europene. Am identificat aceste programe in: Marea Britanie, Olanda, Austria si 3 tari nordice (Danemarca,Suedia si Norvegia). Numarul cel mai mare l-am intalnit in Marea Britanie si mai apoi in Olanda.

Aceasta nu este o lista completa si, in masura in care aveti si alte exemple, ne puteti lasa un comentariu.

Continue reading


3 companii care isi rasfata angajatii

In unele joburi zicala ‘lasa-ti toate grijile la serviciu’ functioneaza chiar invers ‘serviciul se va ocupa de grijile tale de acasa’. O serie de companii au transformat conceptul comun de « beneficiu » (asigurare medicala, tichete de masa, telefon mobil, laptop, masina sau decontarea transportului, catering, prime de concediu si de sarbatori), ducandu-l la nivelul de « rasfat » la locul de munca. Iata trei angajatori care au grija ca nu numai timpul tau la lucru sa fie unul productiv, ci si cel liber. Continue reading


De ce sa participi ca angajator la un targ de joburi?

Vineri si sambata (25 & 26 octombrie) echipa de recrutare IT a Brainspotting va fi prezenta ca in fiecare primavara si toamna la targul de joburi Angajatori de Top, de la Sala Palatului, din Bucuresti. Un prilej foarte bun sa detaliem cum pot companiile sa utilizeze astfel de evenimente de cariera ca instrumente de employer branding. Chiar daca nu au in plan sa recruteze masiv / sa recruteze juniori / sa recruteze in general.

De ce?

Continue reading


De ce ar trebui sa investim intr-un program de internship?

De 7 ani desfasuram de procese de selectie complexe pentru programe de internship. Discutand cu multe companii, ne confruntam destul de des cu intrebarea: de ce ar trebui sa investim intr-un astfel de program? Multe companii vor sa angajeze doar persoane care sa devina imediat productive, pentru ca presiunea pe rezultate este mare.

Si totusi – de ce un program internship aduce multa valoare adaugata unui business? Continue reading


Top 5 trenduri globale in recrutare

Conform unui studiu efectuat in aprilie-mai 2013 de LinkedIn la nivel international, angajatorii isi schimba modul in care cauta si recruteaza candidati. Daca inainte site-urile cu job-uri erau majoritar folosite, acum atentia este indreptata catre retelele de socializare.

Studiul a fost prima data efectuat in 2011, iar anul acesta a avut 3379 respondenti (persoane care lucreaza in HR, membre LinkedIn) din 19 tari. Mai jos sunt descrise cele 5 trend-uri globale in recrutare care au reiesit din studiul efectuat de LinkedIn Talent Solutions.  Continue reading


Tips&tricks pentru a construi un assessment center valid

Principala problema a interviurilor clasice este ca observam un set limitat de comportamente intr-o situatie artificiala – este foarte probabil ca in multe situatii comportamentul din interviu sa fie diferit de cel real. In cazul proiectelor de internship sau management trainee ne intereseaza sa identificam candidatii cu cel mai mult potential la nivel de soft skills astfel in cat assessment center-ul este una dintre metodele de evaluare cu cele mai bune rezultate in acest tip de proiecte. Experienta noastra de 7 ani de derulare de assessment centere pentru astfel de programe este congruenta cu concluziile studiilor de la nivel global: assessment center-ul este una dintre metodele de evaluare cu cel mai mare coeficient de validitate,  mai ridicat decat al interviurilor.

Pentru a selecta cei mai buni candidati folosind metoda de assessment center putem lua in considerare urmatoarele etape: Continue reading


Comportamentul la angajare – diferentele dintre femei si barbati din domeniul tehnic


In martie – aprilie anul acesta am realizat un studiu pentru a masura diferentele dintre preferintele si asteptarile barbatilor si femeilor din domeniul tehnic cu privire la comportamentul lor la angajare. De asemenea, ne-am uitat si daca sunt diferente cand vine vorba despre perceptia lor fata de angajatorii din industria tehnica.

Continue reading


Employer branding si cultura companiei

Employer brand-ul tau ar trebui sa raspunda la intrebarea “cine esti?”, desi deseori apar angajatori care raspund, de fapt, la “cine ai vrea sa fii?”. Diferenta dintre mesaje este evidenta si poate avea consecinte grave. Solutia este undeva la mijloc: cultura companiei ar trebui sa reflecte adevarul despre tine ca angajator si in acelasi timp sa tinda mereu spre imbunatatire. Continue reading


Google si big data approach

Am mai scris despre interviuri si despre cum nu te poti baza exclusiv pe ele deoarece risti sa ramai impotmolit intr-un bias si sa lasi o astfel de eroare sa dicteze raspunsul la procesul de recrutare. Intr-un interviu pentru The New York Times, Laszlo Bock, Senior Vice President al departamentului de Resurse Umane de la Google, vorbeste si el despre aceste motive pentru care interviurile clasice nu functioneaza, dar ne si prezinta noua abordare a recrutarii, si anume, a big data approach.

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Clipurile video – cum te pot ajuta in recrutare si employer branding?

Clipurile video sunt tool-uri utile pentru recrutare, recruitment marketing si employer branding. Ce poti transmite prin ele?

- Atmosfera din companie
- Diversitatea echipei
- Continutul jobului / o zi din viata unui angajat
- Calitatile pe care le cauta compania
- Avantajele de a lucra pentru companie
- Perspectivele de dezvoltare si promovare pe care le au angajatii

Nu uita – angajatii insisi prezinta cel mai credibil orice doresti sa transmiti. Iar daca doresti sa devina viral, umorul / surpriza te ajuta.

Cateva exemple:

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